Exports and Overseas Sales Krieger Barrels


Krieger Barrels is constantly exporting rifle barrels worldwide. We remain committed to serving shooters across the globe by delivering the highest quality barrels that American shooters have enjoyed since 1982.

To this end Krieger Barrels provides assistance in navigating the complicated and often confusing process involved with obtaining all of the required paperwork. Remember that without the issuance of an Export License and authorization from the US Department of State, we cannot export a rifle barrel.

If you are looking for a small quantity, we will direct you to a supplier in your country. If a supplier is available, this can reduce time and expense for the shooter.

    Our list of suppliers and countries we ship to is growing. Submit an inquiry to find out how you can get a Krieger Barrel.

    The easiest way to proceed is to submit an inquiry using the form on this page or email your requirements to Overseas@kriegerbarrels.com. This way we we can provide you with more direct and useful information on how to proceed.

    Briefly, in order to receive our barrels we will need:

    1. To prepare an application and be granted an export license from the US Department of state.
    2. To receive documentation of permission to import from your government.
    3. A detailed list of what types of barrels may be ordered during the length of your license, and the intended use of the barrels.

    While this can be a confusing and difficult process, we will help you to navigate through all the necessary paperwork.